About KIMP

Keeping It Moving Production LLC (hereafter referred to as KIMP) is a Colorado Limited Liability Company (LLC). Its principal location of business is in Denver, Colorado, with business partners located throughout the U.S. including Florida and Los Angeles, California.

Studio Coming to Colorado:

Founded in 2010 by Film Producers/Actors, Clay Walker and Jordan Werner, KIMP has been established to develop theatrical motion pictures across a wide variety of genres, for domestic and international distribution. KIMP’s highly experienced and talented team of business and creative professionals intend to develop approximately five theatrical motion pictures over the course of five years, that are either currently “optioned” or owned in whole or in part by the company or said rights will be obtained in the near future.

The driving force of KIMP is to produce films of a variety genres, whether for sales directly to retails, or for theatrical release, whether domestic and/or foreign, to meet and ever-increasing demand for entertainment products, and to share in the profits of distribution by carving out certain international territories and/or certain rights, i.e. video-on-demand, mobile, etc.

KIMP is committed to efficient production, operation, sale and fiscal management along with long-term marketability of each theatrical motion picture. Keep It Moving Productions’ main goal is to work with some of the power house Production Companies in LA such as Warner Bros, Lionsgate, Sony, Paramount, and 20th Century Fox.

Creating Jobs and Opportunities in Colorado through Art and maintain a winning attitude.  

Our Principles

Keep It Moving Productions believe in the 3 I’s.

  1. Innovation- KIMP is founded on the principles of CREATIVITY and DEVELOPMENT of original content.
  2. Inspiration- KIMP will inspire people around the world to pursue and achieve their DREAMS and GOALS by diligently pursuing them.
  3. Integrity- KIMP is a company that believes that HONOR and RESPECT are the foundations of success.

Keep It Moving Production’s principal belief is that dreams do come true by staying focused, learning from the past, working hard in the present and keep moving forward towards your goals and dreams for the future. Obstacles may arise, problems will occur, “weapons” can be formed against you, however, it is KIMP’s belief that, “no weapon formed against you shall prosper”. We are Keep It Moving Productions.