This is Clay Walker from Keep It Moving Productions. I’m writing to all the actors, actresses, models, film makers, and agencies in the State of Colorado. Have you heard of the Colorado House Bill 1286?

This bill is promising for graduates and students at any of the 13 film schools in Colorado, who currently have limited prospects for work in our hometown.  A local support group, CINEMA, has noted that losing this bill would be an economic “brain drain” because the state is educating hundreds in the creative fields, but losing graduates to states which provide better opportunities.

Colorado Senator Linda Newell is also the sponsor of the House Bill 1286.  Her website notes, “the bill will also create a loan-guarantee program in which Colorado will take a facility fee from the production company in exchange for the guarantee. A bank will lend the money, not the state. The legislation has sponsors from both the House and the Senate.”  If passed, the congressional act will go into effect for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2012. For an in-state production to claim the incentive, the bill requires at least 50 percent of the work force be Colorado residents.

CINEMA is the Colorado Innovators of New Entertainment Media & Arts.  They held sign making pre-rallies all Tuesday night and gathered supporters, media, filmmakers and students at 7:30 a.m. on the steps of the capitol in temperatures below 20 degrees.

A total of 32 Colorado House Representatives and 13 Senators are sponsoring the bill.  Please support them with your e-mails, phone calls, and presence at the capital for our state, our youth, and the arts.